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Major Project

60TPD-130TD H₂O₂ Expansion Project

At the request of the owner, we cooperated with the Swedish company for the second 60TPD H2O2 project. Our company is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, on-site installation, coordination with debugging, and coordinated driving.

Project Introduction

Construction scale and content

Project construction conditions:Cooperated with the previous Swedish engineering company for  second 60TPD  H2O2 project.
Schedule time:From February 2016 to March 2017
Schedule planning:

February 2016: Starting purchasing

March-April: Completing main equipment connection 

May: Auxiliary equipment connection, electrical installation and debugging


2017: Empty car operation, small batch production


There are mature process packages and experience in previous project reconstruction.In February 2016, the process package was communicated with the process package supplier.

At the request of the owner, we cooperated with the Swedish engineering company for the second 60TPD H2O2 project. 

Display of some equipments



Pneumatic ball valve

Ultrasonic Heat Meter