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Major Project

60TPD H₂O₂ Project

For the first time, it was associated with the hydrogen peroxide project, helping the owner to improve, replace the power output of the rectification unit, increase the flow of the rectification unit, and solve the owner's demand for material discharge balance.

Project Introduction

Construction scale and content

Project construction conditions:Equipment optimization and upgrading in existing mature factories
Schedule time:From April 2015 to June 2015
Schedule planning:

April: domestic procurement of related equipment and materials. 

May :Guiding installation and debugging

June:Commissioning completed



Helped the owner to improve and replace the power output of the rectification unit, increase the flow rate of the rectification unit, replace the original DN100 main circuit with 5 DN50 branches, and add flow meters and electric motors to the 5 branches. Control valve, flow meter with feedback signal, transmit to DCS system. The owner can set the required flow setting according to his needs,which solves the needs of the owner's discharge balance.
Display of some equipments

Electronic Ball Valve

Stop Valve