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Cyclone Separator

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Equipment introduction:

A cyclone separator is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate solid particles or liquid droplets in an airflow.


Working principle:

In order to rely on the rotational motion caused by the tangential introduction of the airflow, the solid particles or liquid droplets with large inertial centrifugal force are separated from the outer wall. It is a kind of separation equipment widely used in industry.



Separation accuracy:

The separation effect of the cyclone separator: under the design pressure and gas volume conditions, solid particles ≥ 10 μm can be removed. At the working point, the separation efficiency is 99%, and within the range of ±15% of the working point, the separation efficiency is 97%.

Pressure drop:

Under normal working conditions, the pressure drop of a single cyclone separator at the working point is not more than 0.05MPa.

Design service life:

The design service life of the cyclone separator is not less than 20 years.


Structural design:

The cyclone separator adopts a vertical cylindrical structure, and the interior is divided into a liquid collection area, a cyclone separation area, and a clean room area along the axial direction. The built-in cyclone sub-components are evenly arranged in the circumferential direction and fixed by the upper and lower tube sheets; the equipment is supported by skirts, and the head is a high-pressure resistant elliptical head.

The equipment nozzle provides matching flanges, bolts, gaskets, etc.

Generally, there are three types of gas inlet designs:

a) Upper air intake

b) Middle air intake

c) lower air intake

For wet gas, we often use the lower air intake scheme, because the lower air intake can use the lower space of the equipment to pre-separate the droplets with a diameter greater than 300 μm or 500 μm to reduce the load on the cyclone part. For dry gas, middle air intake or upper air intake is often used. The upper air intake is evenly distributed, but the diameter and height of the equipment will increase, and the investment will be higher; while the air intake in the middle can reduce the height of the equipment and reduce the cost.



The cyclone separator is suitable for purifying non-sticky, non-fibrous dry dust larger than 1-3 microns. It is a purification equipment with simple structure, convenient operation, high temperature resistance, high equipment cost and high resistance (80-160 mm water column). Cyclone dust collector is the most widely used in purification equipment. The improved cyclone separator can replace the exhaust gas filtering equipment in some devices.

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