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Hydrogen peroxide Technology Introduction

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  Hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) is an important inorganic chemical product. Because the final product after its application is water and oxygen, it has no pollution to the environment, so it is called a green chemical product.

   Our company adopts new process of anthraquinone method, new process of palladium catalyst fixed bed, new process of fully acidic operation, new compound working fluid system, new high activity and selective catalyst, new air oxidation process, concentrated patented technology, hydrogen peroxide treatment A new technical route for sewage, the largest single set of production capacity can reach 300,000 tons/year.


2. Features and advantages of hydrogen peroxide new technology

●All-acid working fluid operation system, eliminating the alkali treatment process of raffinate working fluid, which is safer.

●New compound working solution system - by adding three solvent components, 2-methylcyclohexyl acetate, to the working solution, the solubility of the reaction carrier can be improved and the production capacity can be increased.

● The oxidation time of the new compound working fluid group system is shorter, which can greatly reduce the volume of the oxidation tower.

●  A new type of highly active and selective catalyst system greatly reduces the amount of catalyst used.

● The advanced hydrogenation tower structure enables the hydrogenation reaction to proceed under mild and suitable conditions, reducing the occurrence of side reactions.

● The inside of the oxidation tower is filled with high-efficiency gas-liquid mass transfer packing to increase the oxidation yield to over 95%.

● The structural design of high-efficiency composite extraction tower improves the efficiency of the sieve plate by more than 30%.

● Give full play to the activity of activated alumina and reduce its consumption.

● DCS automatically collects data.

● International first-class concentration technology.

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