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What are the types of rolling mills?

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Rolling mills and cold rolling mills are relatively commonly used mechanical equipment, especially in industrial production activities. We will introduce one of them, the rolling mill, mainly to explain its two aspects, its type and its tension. I hope that through this article, everyone can learn more about the rolling mill.

There are many types of rolling mills, which can be divided according to different standards, as follows:

If it is divided according to plate processing, rolling mills can be divided into hot rolling mills and cold rolling mills.

If it is divided according to the rolling thickness, the rolling mill can be divided into two types: medium and thick plate rolling mill and medium and thin plate rolling mill.

If divided according to the stand, the rolling mill can be divided into three types: single-stand rolling mill, double-stand rolling mill and multi-stand rolling mill.

If it is divided according to the cold-rolled strip, the rolling mill can be divided into two types: continuous rolling mill and reversing rolling mill.


Rolling mill tension, it is also an important content in the rolling mill.

Mill tension, which mainly appears in continuous rolling, is an important phenomenon in the continuous rolling process. In the strip cold rolling and continuous rolling production, high tension rolling is a feature in the production. If the tension system is reasonable, then the stability of the rolling process can be guaranteed and the quality of the finished strip can be well controlled.

Generally speaking, its functions mainly include the following points:

Function 1: Prevent the deviation phenomenon of the rolled piece.

Function 2: Automatically adjust the function.

Function 3: Make the rolled plate shape straight.

Function 4: Reduce the rolling pressure to avoid deformation, so as to increase the output.

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