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Which material storage tank can be selected for hydrogen peroxide storage?

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Which material storage tank can be selected for hydrogen peroxide storage


Hydrogen peroxide is oxidizing and corrosive, and is widely used in medicine and industry. It is a common chemical.

There are many kinds of materials for storing industrial hydrogen peroxide storage tanks, including PE, steel-lined plastic, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel-lined rubber, PP, etc. Although there are many materials, their performance varies greatly.


Hydrogen peroxide storage tanks are mainly used as chemical containers for storing hydrogen peroxide, and it is generally better to use dark-colored and  light-proof containers.


Considering the long-term storage and turnover use, the material selection of the hydrogen peroxide storage tank is also the key, so the hydrogen peroxide storage tank is best to use a black PE polyethylene storage tank. It can not only achieve the effect of storage, but also ensure that the overall performance of hydrogen peroxide is not damaged.


The performance of theall-plastic hydrogen peroxide storage tank is much better than that of traditional FRP containers, PP and PVC welded containers, steel-lined rubber and steel-lined FRP containers, and its service life and impact resistance are more than twice that of ordinary FRP. Instead of stainless steel, nickel, titanium and other metal containers, it is an ideal new generation of corrosion-resistant storage and transportation equipment for chemical liquids.


Steel-lined plastic storage tanks have better corrosion resistance than steel-lined rubber storage tanks, wider corrosion resistance, and stronger material composite strength. High, longer service life.


FRP mainly stores low-concentration materials such as waste acid and alkali, but the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the stronger the oxidizing and corrosive properties, and the nozzle of the FRP storage tank is welded.Once a leak occurs somewhere between the nozzle and the tank body, it cannot be repaired, and the storage tank can only be replaced.


Hydrogen peroxide storage tanks on the market are usually stored in PE tanks, because of their excellent acid, alkali and salt resistance, pressure resistance, long life, stress resistance, anti-aging performance, and ability to withstand any concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution, the price is very high. Normal It is an extremely durable storage tank with a service life of about 15 years.

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