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Application and Precautions for Material Selection of Hydrogen Peroxide Storage Tank

September 26,2022

Application and Precautions for Material Selection of Hydrogen Peroxide Storage Tank

Hydrogen peroxidehas strong oxidizing and corrosive properties. Although it is not flammable itself, the oxygen generated during decomposition can strongly support combustion. After contacting with flammable substances and organic substances, it will cause explosions, and there is a danger of combustion and explosion during impact, friction and vibration. So how to choose the material of hydrogen peroxide storage tank? What precautions should be taken when storing hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide storage tanks are available in 2 materials:


1. Plastic PE storage tank material: Considering the short-term investment income, if the temperature is below 60, PE plastic storage tank can be used for storage, and the cost is low. The methanol plastic storage tank introduces a new imported PE plastic material, and the nozzle is integrally formed with the rotomolding process. , No welds, no leakage, good corrosion resistance, economical and practical, the PE storage tank for storing methanol meets the regulations on the storage and transportation of dangerous goods, and can generally be stored for 5-6 years, which can meet short-term needs.


2. Stainless steel storage tank material: Considering the long-term investment income, stainless steel 304/316 storage tank material can be selected. The stainless steel methanol storage tank material adopts double-sided argon arc welding process. The tank body has no welds, no leakage, safe storage and high cost performance. , The cost of construction is relatively high, and the service life is more than 20 years, which can meet the user's storage needs and safe sealed storage for a long time.

Storage and transportation of hydrogen peroxide storage tank:

1. The packaging, storage and transportation of hydrogen peroxide should be made of plastic storage tanks or stainless steel storage tanks, and the upper cover should be provided with a dust-proof exhaust port to safely release the gas that may be generated and avoid explosions.

2. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant and is corrosive, so attention should be paid to painting the "oxidant sign" and "corrosive substance sign" stipulated in GB190, and the "upward sign" stipulated in GB191 on the storage and transportation container.

3. The hydrogen peroxide storage tank should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse; during storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or heat.

4. It is strictly forbidden to store and transport together with alkali, metals and metal compounds, flammable products, reducing agents and other items.

5. Do not touch the hydrogen peroxide directly with your hands. Wear plastic gloves when operating. When the hydrogen peroxide is contaminated with the human body or splashed into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water or 3% KMnO4 solution.

The above are some of the material selection and related precautions for hydrogen peroxide storage tanks that Hebang has compiled for you, hoping to help you. In addition, when the hydrogen peroxide storage tank is stored, the storage container and other accessories and equipment should be selected reasonably and carefully to reduce the risk of reaction and ensure the safe storage and safe use of the hydrogen peroxide storage tank.



If you have any confusion about the selection of hydrogen peroxide storage tank equipment, welcome to consult for free, and HEBANG can provide you with the best quality product selection plan.