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Boiler Maintenance

December 13,2022

Daily maintenance:

Refers to a regular maintenance and inspection work under normal use.


The main tasks include:

① Check the cock of the water level gauge, rinse the glass tube once a day, and test whether the water level is correct;

② Check whether there is any water leakage in the hand holes of each part. If it is necessary to change the pad or repair it, stop the furnace;

③ Check whether the steel plates and water pipes in the visible part of the furnace are over-burned and leaked, and eliminate them in time if abnormalities are found;

④ Observe whether the combustion status is good, whether the water supply and water circulation are stable and normal, and the dust cleaning door should be opened frequently to remove the smoke and dust, and the flue gas circulation is normal.

Sewage discharge:

During the operation of the atmosphericboiler, the slime, sludge, precipitation and corrosion products formed in the furnace should be removed in time, so as to reduce scaling, prolong the cleaning time of the furnace, keep drinking water clean, and increase the heating temperature. Under normal circumstances, the sewage is generally discharged once per shift, or once a day, and the sewage discharge time should not be too long, generally no more than 30 seconds. Sewage discharge is carried out when the water supply is stopped so that the water level does not exceed 10-20mm. After the sewage is discharged, water should be replenished in time.

Ash removal:

After the furnace has been used for a period of time, some fly ash will accumulate in the upper part of the air chamber and the lower part of the combustion chamber. If it is not removed in time, it will increase the resistance of the flue gas and affect the combustion. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust in time. When cleaning the dust, it is strictly forbidden to wash it with tap water.

Furnace cleaning:

The furnace should be cleaned and descaled once every time the furnace is used (the time varies according to the hardness of the water in various places), otherwise there will be too much scale in the furnace, especially in the water pipe grate, which will not only affect the heat transfer efficiency, but also cause a lot of waste Fuel, because the thermal conductivity of scale is more than 70 times smaller than that of steel, the heat is not transmitted in time, resulting in over-burning or aggravating the high-temperature oxidation and corrosion process of steel, which can seriously burn the grate, shorten the service life, and remove scale in time.

① Generally, when the scale thickness of the grate, furnace and pipe of the water pipe exceeds 2mm, the scale should be descaled and the furnace should be cleaned immediately;

② There are two types of descaling: mechanical descaling and chemical descaling. Mechanical descaling mainly uses hand tools and machinery to remove scale on the heating surface. Before descaling work, the furnace fire should be extinguished, and when the water temperature drops below 50°C, the furnace water should be released, and the hand holes and drain valves should be opened. Release the sewage, and then use hand tools to remove the scale on the inner wall of the pipe and the inner and outer furnace body, and then wash it with clean water. After the scale is confirmed to be removed, close the hand holes. The chemical descaling method should be carried out by the cleaning team.

Shutdown maintenance

When the furnace is out of service for a long time, there are two ways to perform shutdown maintenance:

①Dry method maintenance (applicable to more than three months) After the furnace of the atmospheric pressure boiler is shut down, release the furnace water to remove the internal dirt, rinse it, dry it in the furnace with a low fire, and then put 10-30mm lump quicklime on the Put it in an iron plate or basin, and put it in the body. The amount of quicklime is 2-3 kg per cubic meter. Close all hand holes,valvesand pipes and check it every 1-2 months. If the lime is powdery, it should be replaced.

② For wet maintenance, after stopping the furnace for cleaning, fill the furnace with water, and then turn off the flame after heating to 100°C. During the shutdown period, all valves, pipes, and hand holes must be kept tight. When the furnace is ready to run, drain the water in the furnace, rinse it, and then start the fire operation.