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Chemical project construction process

October 10,2022

Chemical project  construction procedures refer to the sequence of work that must be followed in the entire construction process of a project from planning, evaluation, decision-making, design, construction to completion acceptance, production or delivery. If you do not understand the construction procedures, it is likely to cause delays in the construction period.


The following is an overview of the process of chemical project construction organized by Hebang:

1. Feasibility study (by the enterprise or commissioned by an intermediary service agency)

2. Project site selection (enterprises go to the planning or construction department for project site selection opinions, construction land planning permit)

3. Project approval or filing (applied by the enterprise to the Development and Reform Commission for project approval or filing)

4. Carry out environmental impact assessment (the enterprise entrusts a qualified intermediary service agency to carry out)

5. Approval of the environmental impact assessment (the environmental protection department approves the environmental impact report)

6. Carry out safety pre-assessment and occupational disease hazards and assessment reports (the enterprise entrusts a qualified medium agency)

7. Review of safety and evaluation report (expert review)

8. Occupational disease hazards and assessment report review decision (health department)


9. Filing of safety and evaluation reports (enterprises go to the safety supervision department for filing)

10. Security review (safety review by the safety supervision department)

11. Government approval (after passing the safety review, the safety supervision department will issue an approval letter)

12. Apply for a business license for industry and commerce (enterprises go to the industry and commerce administration department to apply for a business license with the approval letter)

13. Apply for the land use certificate (the enterprise should go to the land management department to apply)

14 Carry out preliminary design (the enterprise entrusts a qualified design unit to carry out)

15. Preliminary design review (review by fire, health, safety supervision and other departments)

16. Construction drawing design (the enterprise entrusts a qualified design unit to carry out)


17. Apply for a construction project planning permit (enterprises go to the planning department to apply for a construction project planning permit)

18. Construction permit (enterprise to the construction department to apply for a construction permit)

19. Fire protection acceptance (after the completion of the construction project, the fire department will organize the completion acceptance)

20. Apply for the special equipment use certificate (the enterprise should go to the quality supervision department to apply)

21. Trial production (the environmental protection department approves the trial production cycle)

22. Completion acceptance

23. Apply for a safety production license (the hazardous chemical production enterprise applies to the provincial safety supervision department)

24. Apply for an industrial product production license (enterprises shall comply with the product catalogue issued by the AQSIQ

Apply to the provincial quality supervision department)

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