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China Hydrogen Peroxide Industry in September

September 15,2022

Market price of hydrogen peroxide remained stable

On September 2nd, today, the market price of hydrogen peroxide remained stable. The average price of 25% hydrogen peroxide is 894 yuan/ton, which is the same as yesterday. Today, the price of hydrogen peroxide is generally stable. 

The affected devices in the early stage have now returned to normal

Up to now, the game between supply and demand in the market has continued, and the affected devices in the early stage have now returned to normal, with the supply steadily rising. The release rhythm of the downstream demand side is still less than expected, and the market's willingness to maintain stability in the short term is obvious. 

Market outlook forecast

It is expected that the hydrogen peroxide market will be mainly adjusted in a narrow range in the short term, with a limited fluctuation range.

Product September 2nd September 1st

Compared with yesterday's

-increase and decrease

7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide 894 894 RMB/TON
50% Hydrogen Peroxide 1973 1973 RMB/TON
Thermal coal 970 959 0.0115 RMB/TON
Synthetic Ammonia 3512 3487 0.0072 RMB/TON
Liquid Caustic Soda 1193 1198 -0.0042 RMB/TON
Propylene Oxide 10067 9967 0.01 RMB/TON
Hexanolactam 12125 12125 RMB/TON
Pulp 6115 6106 0.0015 RMB/TON
White Board Paper 4017 4067 -0.0123 RMB/TON
Art Post Paperboard 5200 5225 -0.0048 RMB/TON
Lithium Iron Phosphate 156000 156000 RMB/TON
Domestic Natural Gas 6488 6464 0.0037 RMB/TON
Oxygen 582 578 0.0069 RMB/m3
Hydrogen 3.12 3.12 RMB/m3
Iron Phosphate 24000 2400 RMB/TON
Epoxidized Soybean Oil 14100 13800 0.0217 RMB/TON
anthraquinone 6.5 6.5 RMB/TON

-----Data from BAIINFO

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