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Hydrogen Peroxide Engineering Technology

November 07,2022

HEBANG Engineering is a leading provider of engineering solutions and services for hydrogen peroxide plants. The company has R&D facility in Germany with strong focus on hydrogen peroxide process technology. We are a young dynamic company which builds on rich experience of our leading expert in Hydrogen Peroxide and strong team, and hold Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) patents, and related technology of Steam Methane Reforming Hydrogen Plant, Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Gas from Natural Gas Etc.


In the engineering design of hydrogen peroxide project, Hebang has always adopted the classic hydrogen peroxide process- Anthraquinone process, which has high hydrogen efficiency, high product quality, safe and convenience process, avoids the defect of alumina powder contaminating the catalyst, and greatly improves the service life of the catalyst.

The technical advantages of the improved anthraquinone method used by Hebang to produce hydrogen peroxide are mainly reflected in many aspects such as mature technology, improvement and optimization of process equipment, unique production process and control system design, and complete and efficient safety and environmental protection system. Rely on technical expertise and experience in hydrogen peroxide project, Hebang has delivered many successful hydrogen peroxide manufacturing projects across countries, on-time and within budget to exceed customer experience. With the technology of fluidized bed in Anthraquinone Route making Hydrogen Peroxide up to 70% concentration, We believe we will be your good partner to move ahead for your project.

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What we can offer in Hydrogen Peroxide Project:

Technology & Engineering Services:

l Feasibility Study

l Product & Technology Development

l  Commissioning Services

l Operation & Maintenance Services


l Filter

l  Valve

l  Pump

l Piping

l Reactor

l Oxidizer

l Extractor

l Evaporator

l Pressure Vessel