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Industry-specific applications of filter presses

December 20,2022

Filter press is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment.

Due to the characteristics of stable performance, convenient operation, safety and labor saving, the filter plate is widely used in various industries. The metal press barrel is processed by seamless steel pipe, and the plastic steel filter plate is precision-cast, which is resistant to high temperature and high pressure and durable. The hydraulic compression mechanism of the filter press consists of a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, and a hydraulic station connected to a piston rod and a compression plate. Gauge, oil circuit, fuel tank.


Let's introduce the specific application:

1. Filter press is used in: Chemical industry

Dyes, pigments, caustic soda, chlorine dioxide, silica, graphite, bleaching powder, fluorescent powder.Sodium hydrochloride , acid powder, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric hydroxide, water purifier (aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum hydride, basic aluminum chloride), etc.

2. Filter press is used in: Medicine

Antibiotics (erythromycin, Madison, tetracycline, berberine, decamycin), calcium phytate, traditional Chinese medicine, inositol, growth-derived yarn, organophosphate, saccharification mold, etc. .

3. Filter press is used in: food

Rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, beverage, beer, yeast, citric acid, vegetable protein, plant glucose, maltose, starch sugar, starch, rice flour, corn syrup, gum, spices, sauce, oral liquid, soy milk seaweed, tablets, beinuo fat tablets, etc.

4. Application of filter press: Metallurgy

Gold ore, silver ore, copper ore, iron ore, zinc ore, rare earth and other powder beneficiation.

5. Application of filter press:  Oil refining

White oil, sesame oil, light oil, glycerin, machine oil, vegetable oil, etc.

6. Application of filter press: Clay

Kaolin, bentonite, activated clay, porcelain clay, electronic ceramic clay, etc.

7. Application of filter press: Sewage treatment

Chemical sewage, smelting sewage, electroplating sewage, electrolytic sewage, leather sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, brewing sewage. Pharmaceutical sewage, environmental sewage, paper-making sewage.

8. The filter press is used in: Coal preparation in the coal preparation industry, tailing coal treatment, coking coal, etc.