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The industrial chain of methanol

November 14,2022

Methanol is an important chemical raw material and occupies an important position in the chemical industry; at the same time, methanol is recognized as a clean, high-efficient, low-carbon liquid fuels are becoming increasingly important in transportation and other fields. Methanol is an extremely important organic chemical raw material and is widely used in chemical, light industry, textile and transportation industries.


Formaldehyde production capacity:

Global methanol production capacity is concentrated in Asia, the Americas and Europe. In 2020, China's methanol production capacity will continue to account for 67% of the world's total production capacity, ranking first in the world. With the concentrated use of new methanol plants in the Middle East in recent years, the Middle East has become another new production capacity growth area other than China. Due to China's abundant coal resources and shortage of oil and natural gas resources, 81% of methanol production comes from coal; while overseas methanol production raw materials are mainly natural gas, accounting for more than 90%. Therefore, due to the essential differences in production raw materials, the price of fossil energy Changes may bring about fluctuations in costs and profits of different production routes.


Methanol Safety Risk:

According to the DOE classification of the U.S. Department of Energy, methanol has higher comprehensive safety than gasoline, diesel and natural gas.

Toxicity: Belong to low toxicity. Production sites or long-term work sites require necessary protection. If methanol enters the human body, it is not easy to be excreted, and it will accumulate, and formaldehyde and formic acid are also toxic when oxidized in the body.

Methanol storage and transportation:

Methanol storage usually chooses stainless steel containers or plastic such as polyolefin plastic containers.

Storing in a cool, well-ventilated special warehouse.

Keeping away from fire and heat sources.

Keeping the container sealed.

The storage temperature should not exceed 37℃, .


Methanol upstream raw materials:

Natural gas, coal, coke oven gas

Methanol downstream products:

Olefins (ethylene, propylene), MTBE, formaldehyde, dimethyl ether, etc.

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