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What factors need to be considered in the construction of a chemical plant?

October 24,2022

1. Layout of mechanical equipment in the installation area:

(1) The arrangement of the unit should be in the same compressor workshop as much as possible.,em

(2) Whether there is enough space for maintenance of the heat exchangers inside and outside the workshop.


2. Mechanical equipment piping system

(1) Large units must choose reliable manufacturers with the same operating performance of machine parameters, and manufacturers of supporting important components must be reliable. If you choose a domestic manufacturer, you must choose the best domestic manufacturer, and you must not choose one that has no performance; those who have performance should also know the actual operating status of their units on the spot. Unit integrity is best left to the manufacturer.

(2) Pump

(a) At least in the methanol distillation and dimethyl ether areas, the canned pump can be completely used. This type of pump is good, but the pipeline purge must be clean and thorough. EAP-I series  is horizontal, radial split, single stage, single suction,overhung centrifugal pump with volute casing.

Pump casing, cover and impeller are provided with sealing rings. The interference fit of the sealing rings is fixed by screws. Available for working conditions with granular impurities to ensure the service life of pump casing, cover and impeller.

(b) The filter screen at the pump inlet is designed to be a parallel filter screen.

(c) Do not choose too many pump suppliers, which is beneficial to the after-sales service and spare parts replacement of the manufacturer in the future. The pump impeller cannot choose the largest impeller.

(d) It is best not to consider the magnetic pump.

(e) Try not to choose a plunger pump in the process flow, and this type of pump is best used only in the dosing device.

(f) The protection level and explosion-proof level of the motor are accurate.


(3). Equipment

(a) Class Ⅲ pressure vessels must pay great attention to

(b) Manufacturers with reliable performance and qualifications must be selected for Class Ⅱ pressure vessels.

(c) Class Ⅰ and atmospheric pressure vessels generally only need to choose correct and reliable materials, but for those with large changes in operating parameters (pressure and temperature, etc.), manufacturers with reliable performance and qualifications should also be selected.


(4).  Piping system 

(a) The piping system standards of each device must be unified, and the connecting flanges of the equipment and its auxiliary systems must be consistent with the piping system. This is beneficial and convenient for the management of spare parts such as valves and flange gaskets in the future.

(b) Prepare more spare parts for the number of gaskets in the piping system.


3. The design should be considered as strict and thoughtful as possible, and the design parameters of large units, pumps, etc. must be considered carefully, and the situation of modifying or adjusting the operating parameters after the bidding should be avoided as much as possible.


4. The construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, the production preparation personnel should intervene in advance as much as possible, the production preparation and  engineering constructionshould be carried out simultaneously, and the integrated operation management should be carried out.