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API 610 pump

The large, heavy-duty API 610 multistage centrifugal pump is perfect for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The design is simple to maintain and repair, and it works particularly well for applications that call for a pump with high pressure and low noise levels. The API 610 pump is the perfect solution for your water treatment needs, whether you're replacing an existing unit or constructing a new facility.


A standard created by the American Petroleum Institute is called API 610. (API). It addresses the development, evaluation, and use of end suction and centrifugal pumps. There are numerous industrial applications for these kinds of pumps.

There are three main categories for API 610 inline pump. The OH1 pump is the first. This pump has a flexible motor and is mounted horizontally on the foot.

The OH2 pump is the second. This kind of pump is used in demanding situations where moving lots of hydrocarbons at high temperatures is necessary. With this pump, a 300-pound nozzle class rating is possible.

The OH3 pump comes in third. This is a cost-effective option for less demanding applications. A flexible coupling is used by this pump to lessen mechanical stress. API 610 does not advise OH3 pumps.

Pumps made according to API 610 are built to withstand extreme temperatures and demanding use. As a result, they have a longer service life.

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