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There are various sorts of Agitator. Bottom entrance agitators, side entry agitators, top entry agitators, and turbine impellers are examples of these. The kind of agitator you use will be determined by your water filtering application.

Top entry agitator

Top entry agitators are excellent for mixing, liquefying, and dispersing a wide range of liquids. They are employed in several sectors, including food and beverage, chemicals, medicines, water treatment, and pulp and paper.

Most agitators are top entrance mixers, however bottom entry mixers are also available. These are suited for applications that demand a greater degree of purity. Bottom entrance mixers have a lower mixing level than top entry mixers.

Top entrance mixers often have a mechanical seal in the liquid. This seal may be changed without removing the flange or shaft. You may also attach a spring-loaded top that comes with a variety of nozzles or nozzle hubs for filling.

Top entry agitators are built to function in a variety of liquids and environments, including hot, cold, and vacuum. They may be used to combine a wide range of fluids, such as chemicals, scents, and ice cream.

Depending on your purpose, they are available in three different weights. Top entrance agitators are classified into three types: propeller, spiral, and high shear. Generally, spiral agitators give the finest mixing results. It can disperse media with a viscosity of less than 500 mPas. Other products available are reactor.

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