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Ball Valve

The Ball Valve is a kind of valve that is used in a range of applications, such as gas turbine engines and acoustic dampers. Throttling and flow control are two of the most prevalent uses. A decreased bore design, a self-relieving seat, and four-way or five-way designs are typical characteristics.

Self-relieving seats

The current invention is about better seat rings for ball valves. It also has something to do with the utilization of pressure relief tunnels during the sealing process.

The outside rear corner of the seat is chamfered. This chamfer increases seat performance by lowering the seat's propensity to burn out.

Another characteristic is the presence of auxiliary pressure relief tunnels that divert the applied pressure from the chamfered face 31 to the valve seat's front face. These auxiliary pressure relief tubes relieve pressure on the seat's upstream and downstream sides.

This is achieved by expanding the total bearing area by extending the chamfer out to a bigger diameter. The seat forces the ball into the internal valve body as it goes downstream.

The seat serves as a secondary seal as well. The primary goal is to avoid leakage.

The design of a seal is critical to the valve's performance. If the upstream and downstream seats cannot seal off the process medium, the valve as a whole is not sealed.

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