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A Crystallizer is a device that is used to treat solid materials. It may be either a surface or an evaporative crystallizer. The machine is widely used to create crystalline materials like diamond or quartz.

Surface cooled crystallizers

In low temperature evaporation, surface cooled crystallizers are employed. Sodium chlorate decahydrate from caustic solutions and sodium carbonate decahydrate from waste solutions are two examples of typical usage. These crystallizers are indirect cooling systems, however the exact temperatures of the solution and vapor in the vaporization system are determined by the solute's material qualities and operation cycles.

The crystallizer's design must be modified to meet various requirements. This contains an internal baffle zone to adjust size and density, a shell and tube heat exchanger, and a recirculation pump to keep crystal retention time constant.

The temperature differential between the tube wall and the slurry pumps is kept to a bare minimum. This limit might be as low as 5 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in a normal working cycle.

The liquid level must be monitored minute by minute. The liquid level is controlled by the tank's liquid level as well as the distance between the entrance and the vessel's boiling surface.

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