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Globe Valve

The globe valve and  Ball Valve is one of the most frequently used valve types in industry. It can be classified as Y-type, Angle, Plug type, or Composition.

Angle globe valve

An angle Globe Valve is a type of globe valve that can be installed at an angle to a pipeline system. These valves are used to regulate the flow of liquid in a pipeline. They are also used to control pressure in the pipeline.

There are several different kinds of globe valves, which are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular application. Angle globe valves are particularly suitable for applications where the fluid flow is slugging or where the pressure drop is high.

In general, globe valves are available in three primary body designs. The ball disk design is ideal for low pressure and low temperature systems. It uses a hard insert ring to ensure a tight shutoff.

Another common disc design is the plug disk. The plug is raised and lowered to close and open an opening inside the body structure. This design offers better throttling than the ball disk design.

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Y-type valve

There are several types of globe valves. They include the Z-body, Y-body, and T-body designs. Each of these designs is useful for specific applications. For example, Y-body globe valves are ideal for high pressure applications. Y-body valves have a 45-degree angle at the seat and stem. This makes the flow path straighter at full open.

Y-body globe valves are suited for critical services like pressure throttling. In addition, they have a relatively high pressure resistant envelope.

The main function of a globe valve is to regulate and control the flow of liquids inside a pipeline. This is achieved by means of the disc. However, there are many types of globe valves and each one is designed for different applications. It is important to consider a number of things before choosing the right globe valve.

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