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Hydrogenation of H2O2

A crucial oxidant used in numerous industrial and mining processes is hydrogenation of H2O2 project. Separation, extraction, purification, and metal finishing are some of the key applications. The need for mobile H2O2 production at the point of use is growing. This might result in procedures that are more environmentally friendly.

Several reactions are carried out in order to produce H2O2. The Eley-Rideal reaction is one of them. Water molecules adhere to a catalyst's surface during this process. At the catalyst's edge carbon sites, adsorption takes place.

The proton transfer is an additional critical step. The hydrated hydronium ion and Zundel ion are created in this step. The reaction is then finished using this intermediate.

It has been suggested to use Pd-supported catalysts in a novel method for hydrogenating EAQ. These catalysts are more active than catalysts supported by oxide.

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