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The germination process and the state of dormancy in seeds are both significantly influenced by hydrogen peroxide company  . In point of fact, it is a potent regulator of the genes involved in the metabolism of ABA and GA, and it also lessens the detrimental effects that stress has on the process of germination.

Hydrogen peroxide regulates seed germination and dormancy

Hydrogen peroxide, often known as H2O2, is a substance that can be employed in the laboratory to control the germination and dormancy of seeds. Catalase is the enzyme responsible for the production of this chemical. The enzyme acts as a catalyst, which is a substance that speeds up chemical reactions.

Enzymes are responsible for converting H2O2 into aldehydes during the oxidation process. After that, these alcohols are transformed into water. In environments with more light, the effects of hydrogen peroxide tend to be less pronounced, despite the fact that it is effective at regulating the germination and dormancy of seeds.

A pretreatment of the seeds with hydrogen peroxide before to germination resulted in increased growth of the seedlings, as demonstrated by research into the effects of H2O2 project on the process of germination. In addition to this, the amount of zeatin riboside (ZR), as well as the amount of ABA, was reduced. Additionally, it resulted in an increase in the volume of APX and MDHAR operations.

In a separate piece of research, the use of hydrogen peroxide as a pretreatment was shown to result in increased levels of oxidized ascorbate. This rise was accompanied by an increase in ascorbate oxidizing enzymes, which had a direct effect on the growth of the seedlings. This effect was observed in both cases.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, sometimes known as the OECD, is an international organization that is responsible for developing the criteria and specifications for a worldwide seed certification process. In order to accomplish this goal, the organization developed protocols for the tetrazolium assays.

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