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Specific production of H2O2 in g kWh-1

It was essentially a mixture of hydrogen and oxyhydroxide with a few nitro nitrates, including nitro nitrate and nitro nitrate/oxyhydroxide mix. This particular formula had a significant flaw in that the mixture was, at best, split 50/50. As a result, the oxyhydroxide component was always the absolute ruler. Even worse, before the mixture could be returned for reuse, the nitrate in which it was contained had to be shipped off for reprocessing. This formulation was rejected because it was thought to be too prone to the aforementioned problems to be of any use in the near future for palm oil. With the exception of the aforementioned restrictions, the perch is in better shape than it has ever been. The aforementioned formulation was chosen over a more conventional, less appetizing, and potentially harmful chemical in the first place for those reasons, as well as a hefty price tag. It's difficult to argue that a re-processed peracetic solution is a bad product despite the aforementioned flaws. Due to this, the aforementioned formulation has been put on hold, at least until the appearance of a figure who can save the industry.

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