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Palm Oil project

The Palm Oil project is a global effort to encourage sustainable palm oil production. The initiative aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and increase plant nutrition using agroforestry systems and improved harvest procedures. Furthermore, the initiative aims to improve the health of the agroforestry system by improving water, air, and soil quality. These objectives are important to the project's success and serve to assure a sustainable future for our planet's plants.

Sustainable palm oil production

The manufacturing of palm oil is complicated and multifaceted. It entails a number of complicated subsystems, each with a material and social influence. These subsystems may be linked by norms or supplier-buyer connections, but they are not necessarily linked through direct economic relationships.

Because of its complexity, it is critical to create an interdisciplinary approach to studying the palm oil sector. Researchers will have a better understanding of the system as a result. They can also find sustainable palm oil production routes.

The 'flows and networks' perspective is an interdisciplinary framework that may be used to study the complexity of the palm oil sector. This viewpoint allows for a more flexible examination of subsystem interactions. For example, RSPO-certified palm oil farms and supplier-buyer interactions or RSPO rules may be related indirectly.

The interdisciplinary approach can aid in identifying the fundamental changes that must occur in the palm oil business in order to achieve more sustainable production levels. A three-point route, given below, can be utilized to improve the palm oil industry's sustainability performance.

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