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A Hematology Analyzer or an analyser machine is a piece of equipment used to measure blood concentration. It is an indispensable tool for testing at the point of care. In addition to its precision and accuracy, this apparatus can be regularly cleaned.

Cleaning the chambers

The chambers of an analyser machine and  hydrogen peroxide machine are frequently a source of contamination, and need to be properly maintained. A dirty chamber can adversely affect the results of a test, and can lead to months or even years of testing being invalidated. This article will provide some practical steps for ensuring that your chambers are well-maintained.

First, you must determine the species that you wish to monitor. There are several species that can be detected in the chamber's effluent, and these can vary depending on the material that is inside.

For example, GeCl4 and SiCl4 are two species of interest for silicon germanium film analysis. Both can be monitored using mass spectrometry.

Another example is a mixed Si-Ti deposit. These are typically formed in the photoresist ashing process, and require a two-step cleaning procedure to ensure complete removal of deposits.

To clean a large chamber, you may need to perform several passes with a high-pressure cleaner. Alternatively, you can use the vacuum chamber available in a SEM to remove deposits.

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