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Logic analyzers

Digital circuits are debugged using logic analyzers. A state machine trace is created by the logic analyzer using a series of digital signals. This enables the user to spot bugs or errors in the system.

The capabilities of the logic analyzers vary depending on the model. Others can display the signals in real time, while some models can only capture analog signals.

Logic analyzers are a crucial piece of equipment for developing microchips. Testing a new chip can be accelerated by using a logic analyzer.

Logic analyzers are intended for debugging digital circuits, in contrast to oscilloscopes, which can be used for troubleshooting analog devices. Additionally, there are benchtop and portable versions of these devices. Compared to benchtop devices, portable logic analyzers are more compact and lightweight like heat exchanger.

A PC interface is available on many sophisticated logic analyzers. They can stream real-time data when plugged into a computer's USB port.

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