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diaphragm pump

A diaphragm pump is an apparatus that operates via positive displacement. It is also known as a check valve or double-diaphragm pump. They are utilized in a variety of contexts. These devices are typically found in water treatment facilities and liquid-handling industries. However, there are numerous types, making it difficult to choose one. Consider the following factors before purchasing a pump.

Positive displacement

Positive displacement diaphragm pump  and a centrifugal pump is a reliable pump for handling liquids with low viscosities. It can also be used in latex emulsions. These pumps have a special design to enable the pump to handle a wide range of liquids. The pump is leak-proof.

It is capable of handling corrosive liquids. In addition, it can operate under low pressure head. This feature is advantageous to the user.

Compared to conventional positive displacement diaphragm pumps, the new design offers several advantages. For example, the pump is leak-proof and does not use packings that can be contaminated by the liquid. Another advantage is that it can be driven without regard to back pressure.

However, the design of the positive displacement pump poses certain challenges. One of these is the pump's high pulsation. Therefore, a new algorithm was developed to simulate the pump's behaviour.

By using the new algorithm, it was possible to replicate the behavior of the positive displacement diaphragm pump in simulations. Afterwards, the results were compared to the experimental data.

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