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There are a few things you should be aware of before you begin installing a new air conditioning system in your home. One of them is that the evaporator is one of your new system's most crucial parts. Your home's heat will be transferred by the evaporator to the condenser coil.

Transfers heat to condenser coil

The evaporator's primary job is to move heat from the interior of the house to the condenser coil. The evaporator must operate correctly in order to carry out this task. This needs ongoing maintenance.

The compressor and metering device are equally as important as the evaporator. These three elements work together to increase refrigerant density and decrease system pressure. Additionally, they enable the refrigerant to maintain its low temperature.

The purpose of the evaporator, which is located in the inner air director, is to draw heat-laden air into the evaporator. The outdoor element, which is situated behind the home, is then given heat energy.

The system's refrigerant is transported by a compressor. The compressor and metering system regulate the flow of refrigerant into the condenser and an evaporator.

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