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A gate valve is a kind of valve used to keep water flowing into a pipe at a constant rate. It might be wedge-shaped or self-aligning. A gate valve may fail for a variety of causes, but the most common cause is a misalignment.


One of the most popular forms of gate valve used in industrial applications is the wedge-shaped gate valve. They include a rectangular wedge into the fluid flow. This architecture enables material to flow in several directions. Furthermore, a wedge-shaped valve helps reduce valve vibration.

Gate valves are available in a variety of materials. Metal and stainless steel are two prevalent materials. These materials are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. Nonetheless, the sealing surface of a gate valve may be scratched and eroded, especially when exposed to moving fluids.

Gate valves often have a pressure equalizing valve to avoid this. This valve, which is housed inside a valve body, lowers the pressure differential between the upstream and downstream sides of the wedge-shaped valve component. As a consequence, leak tightness is enhanced and service life is extended.

When closed, gate valves are meant to seal and open when pressure is applied. Gate valves are classified into two types: non-rising and rising. The stem of a non-rising valve is constant, but the stem of a rising valve is changeable. Both kinds serve the same purpose.

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