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horizontal pressure tank

The horizontal pressure tank has several functions. The most typical motive is to offer a secure location for chemicals to be stored. However, it can also be employed in a variety of other applications such as water treatment and air conditioning. Before deciding which horizontal pressure tank to buy, it is critical to understand its various purposes and benefits.


The Hebang is a low-cost water ss pressure tank. It is a little fee to pay for a well-constructed tank that will last a lifetime. It is manufactured with high quality materials, such as 316 marine grade stainless steel and a polypropylene liner, and is designed with the house owner in mind. The inner steel shell prevents leaks and a single butyl diaphragm stops air from over-expanding.

The Hebang excels in a number of categories. For starters, it's a high-quality tank that has been thoroughly tested at various stages of production. There are several models to choose from. Aside from the conventional vertical arrangement, the company also offers a horizontal variant with universal motor support brackets.

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