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hydrogen peroxide technology

Many different goods can be made using hydrogen peroxide technology. It is very beneficial in the preparation of cleaning and disinfecting solutions. Hydrogen peroxide can be employed in a variety of ways, including ionized, vapor-phase, and hybrid hydrogen peroxide.

Ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP)

Ionized Hydrogen peroxide (iHP) is a decontamination process that employs a low concentration of H2O2 that is activated by cold plasma. It is effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and spores. Unlike vaporized hydrogen peroxide, iHP does not leave behind any residue.

Several different hydrogen peroxide cleaning technologies have been employed. They each have their own abbreviations and procedures for producing the sterilant. The iHP system makes use of an aqueous version of H2O2 at a concentration of approximately 7.8%. Furthermore, it is ionized by a cold plasma arc.

This innovative technology was created to give an effective method of decontaminating portions of the environment while leaving no residue behind. The Environmental Protection Agency has filed and patented iHP.

It was discovered to be extremely effective at inactivating the influenza A virus. This virus is an enclosed RNA virus with a structure similar to coronaviruses.

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AO method

A new way of producing hydrogen peroxide has been devised. A catalyst is used in the AO method to create hydrogen peroxide. The goal of this invention is to improve the catalyst's performance by regulating its acidity.

Various techniques have been utilized in the past to generate catalysts for the AO process. This includes lowering the number of atoms in the catalyst and adding rare earth oxides. These oxides improve metal dispersion and O2 mobility.

A modular AO-process facility is another breakthrough. This system enables simple construction and operation. It can also be controlled remotely.

One version of the invention is a skid-mounted plant on a frame. These skids are made up of the main modules as well as an extraction skid. The extraction skid transports the working solution to its destination.

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