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If you're looking for an inlilne pump, you have a number of options. There are vertical pumps and centrifugal inline pumps to select from. Because there are so many different sizes and varieties, the trick is to choose one that matches your application.

ATEX vertical inline pumps from Azcue

Azcue LN ATEX Vertical inline pump is a well-known pump in the market. It's a single-stage vertical centrifugal pump with a short space between the impeller and the pump casing. The pump is intended for use with moderately clean fluids. There is also an external vacuum priming pump available for these pumps. Because of their reduced size, they may save space on your pumps.

The ATEX vertical inline pump also has a closed coupled construction and a tiny lantern bracket to prevent fluid from flowing to the motor. Another notable feature is the inclusion of a worn ring to prevent casing wear. Wear rings are also included to increase pump performance and lower energy usage.

The CM-Series and LM-Series are two other ATEX vertical inline pumps on the market. The latter is the smallest ATEX vertical inline pump, while the CM-Series is available in both electric and gasoline versions.

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