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Recent deadlock between Russia and Ukraine has caused issues for some of most important oil refinery russia. Due to the interruption caused by the war in Ukraine, one of the country's largest refineries is having serious challenges, and the country has lost a significant amount of revenue as a result. In addition, Germany has taken over three other Russian-owned refineries in the country in an effort to stimulate the economy. In the meantime, India has increased its purchases of Russian oil and may begin purchasing more through a sovereign reinsurance agreement.

Russian crude flows into Europe have been drying up fast

The most recent oil and gas industry statistics indicate that Russia's crude exports to Europe have been rapidly declining. This is a major setback for an economy dependent on a continuous supply of crude oil. In addition, transoceanic shipping expenses cannot be disregarded.

Connecting the resource-rich Arctic areas to European regions of Russia is a significant task. In these isolated regions, 80 percent of the world's gas production has been focused during the past several years.

Consequently, transportation networks have been constructed to facilitate the movement of people, products, and services. However, this will be difficult if Russia completely cuts off its gas supply.

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Germany takes control of three Russian-owned refineries in the country

The German government said on Monday that it will assume control of three Russian-owned refineries in order to assist stabilize the country's energy sector. The PCK Schwendt refinery in Brandenburg, the MiRo refinery in Karlsruhe, and the Bayernoil refinery in Vohburg are among them. Its action comes as Europe faces a growing fuel crisis and high gas prices as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Schwedt PCK refinery produces 9 million gallons of refined product per day. Its service area includes areas of northeastern Germany and western Poland. Schwedt has been importing crude from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline since the 1960s.

Similarly, the administration is in talks with Kazakhstan's government to guarantee oil supplies for Schwedt. In April, Russian energy giant Gazprom abandoned its former subsidiary SEFE, which was Europe's largest gas delivery route. As a result, gas flows to the continent have been cut, raising the prospect of energy rationing across the EU.

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