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pressure vessel valve

Pressure vessel valves are utilized in a variety of industrial settings. It serves a crucial function in maintaining the machine's integrity. It is also considered a safety component, as multiple failure modes are possible. Here are some of the variables that may affect the valve's functionality.

SU10R valve

The SU10R pressure vessel valve is a suitable alternative to short pattern slurry knife gate valves. This reliable valve has a molded liner that provides improved corrosion and abrasion protection. It also features a double-seated design that permits flow in both directions.

The SU10R valve is intended to be simple to repair. This eliminates the need to disassemble and replace the valve stem packing or gate packing. In addition, the liner is a field-replaceable, precision-molded component.

The liner is designed to endure high pressures. As media passes through the SU10R valve, the internal urethane compresses and forms a seal between the inner and outer surfaces. This seal prevents the passage of outside pollutants into the valve housing.

The SU10R gate is composed of 316 stainless steel. It complies to MSS SP-81 proportions for face-to-face contact. This design minimizes the pressure drop across the valve. Its design also permits a longer lifespan in abrasive applications.

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