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process gas boiler

The use of process gas boiler is a good solution for a wide number of applications requiring either heating or cooling. These units have the potential to be very dependable and to offer excellent energy efficiency if they are put correctly. These boilers are available in a number of different configurations, each of which is tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular application.

Combustion air positive shut-off reduces standby heat loss

Combustion Air Positive Shut-Off (CAPS) systems are an industry standard, and having a process gas boiler gives you the ability to adopt this system and maximize your boiler's efficiency. This is one of the best aspects about using a process gas boiler. It has been demonstrated that utilizing this technique can cut standby heat loss by as much as fifty percent. In the most recent issue of the magazine Gas and Architecture, a brand new report pertaining to this topic is provided.

The most encouraging aspect is that the technology described above is currently on the market and can be applied to boiler and pressure vessel fuelled by either natural gas or propane. Because of this, the process gas boiler is an excellent option for a significant portion of the heating market in the United States. In a word, the CAPS system is a high-tech, low-cost, and high-quality alternative to the standard cylinder-burning gas boilers that are widespread in many communities. This alternative is in high demand because of its combination of these three desirable characteristics. Because of this, the CAPS system may be used in a broad variety of settings to optimize the amount of heat that is produced while simultaneously reducing the amount of pollutants that are released.

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