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A person or firm that is engaged to carry out work as part of a construction contract is referred to as a project contractor. This kind of relationship can either be a cooperative venture or a source of contention for the parties involved. In either scenario, it is the responsibility of the project manager or the legal representative to ensure that the work is carried out in a way that safeguards the general public and does not have any unintended consequences.


Working side by side and in concert with a project contractor to accomplish a shared objective is what is meant by the term "partnering." In addition to higher quality and performance that is completed on schedule, some of the advantages of partnership include greater communication and collaborative issue resolution. In addition, the process of forming partnerships fosters respect and trust among participants.

In the field of construction, a variety of studies have been carried out to investigate the benefits of working in collaboration with others. One of the outcomes is an improvement in the overall quality of the work, as well as enhanced communication, punctual performance, and a rise in operational efficacy. However, successful collaboration does not always require working with others.

The client's lack of commitment to the partnership is one of the most significant factors that contributes to its ineffectiveness. It may be challenging for the client to make a commitment to the project, for instance, if the contract for the project was awarded to the low-bidder.

Another potential problem is that the contract might not adequately describe the maximum allowable expenditure. This may make it more difficult to schedule appointments with early contractors.

In one piece of research, the continuity of the owner-jumbo project contractors relationship was explored. According to the findings of the research, 58 percent of projects went through a substantial shift in the working relationship.

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