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You are not alone if you have a project that demands a project turn key solution. There are many of firms that provide this sort of service. While they may be simple to discover, selecting the correct one may be difficult. Here are a few things to think about.

Creating more shelter beds

The turnkey projects is a brand-new organization in Oregon that offers secure accommodation to persons affected by wildfires. The initiative buys hotels and renovates them to use as year-round shelters. It is the result of a joint effort by state, local, and nonprofit groups.

The project's purpose is to build an extra 132 emergency housing units in Oregon. These facilities are a combination of modern and old units. Units are typically 50% less expensive than the average unit in a regular affordable housing complex.

According to a recent assessment issued by the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services, the state needs over 5,800 emergency shelter beds. Furthermore, 500 crisis-response alternatives are required to assist people who are homeless.

The Oregon Legislature passed Project Turnkey in November 2020 to meet this requirement. It offers a 20% boost in the state's emergency shelter bed supply. Despite being just six months old, the initiative has already made a substantial contribution to the housing issue.

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