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ruwais oil refinery

The only fully automated oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, ruwais oil refinery is the biggest and can process up to 817,000 b/d of crude. Additionally, it produces about 500,000 tons of oil annually. This refinery was constructed by a private sector company and is situated in the Al Khobar neighborhood of the Saudi Arabian capital.

817,000 b/d capacity

The Ruwais oil refinery project, which has an 817,000 barrel per day capacity, has been a focal point of Abu Dhabi downstream development for almost 40 years. It has undergone several expansions over the decades. Among the newest is a $45 billion capital investment program that will see a new distillation unit installed and two new South Korean-built fractionators added to the mix.

The most recent project doubled the capacity of the plant. Although the latest iteration is not the largest in the world, it is the largest single-site refinery in the MENA region. Other major developments include the construction of several tank farms and bunkering facilities in the eastern port of Fujairah.

Another significant milestone was the inauguration of the world's largest atmospheric residue desulfurizer (ARSD) reactor. This is the first ADNOC facility to utilize this technology. At least 24 ADNOC-owned ARAD reactors have been installed at various locations. Approximately 10 million cubic feet of natural gas are also processed through ARAD every day.

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