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ruwais refinery expansion

If you are interested in learning more about the Ruwais refinery expansion project, you have come to the correct spot. ADNOC has initiated the expansion project, which is projected to increase UAE naphtha production.

ADNOC's plans to boost naphtha output

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has plans to increase naphtha production at the Ruwais refinery. The state-owned company has collaborated with a number of energy companies to establish a port-wide interconnection system. In November, it also announced a trading platform for derivatives.

ADNOC's intentions to increase naphtha production at the Ruwais oil refinery are part of its larger goal to increase oil output by up to four million bpd by 2020. The Abu Dhabi Supreme Petroleum Council recently granted regulatory permission to the ICE Futures Abu Dhabi market.

New processing facilities have been erected by ADNOC at the Ruwais refinery. These include two fractionators made in South Korea. They are expected to be operational by mid-2022.

The underground storage of Murban crude in Fujairah's caverns will be an additional significant development. Currently, it is held in the Habsham pipeline leading to the port of Fujairah.

ADNOC operates the largest condensate splitter in the region. This plant generates around 10% gas oil and 50% naphtha. Prior to this year, the splitter was functioning at approximately 75% capacity.

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