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Agricultural water management study in Bangladesh

The majority of irrigation water management in Bangladesh is done informally. There are millions of buyers, suppliers, and irrigation service providers together. A variety of financial incentives are needed in irrigation systems to encourage farmers to adopt better water management techniques. There aren't many comprehensive policy implementation instructions, nevertheless. This study looks at Bangladesh's water market dynamics and suggests adjusting policy incentives to encourage more effective irrigation methods.

In recent decades, Bangladesh's approach to managing agricultural water use has significantly changed. The duty of an irrigation supplier has been assumed by the private sector, which has grown quickly. As a result, there has been an increase in groundwater consumption and a decline in water quality. Due to this rise in irrigation expenses, there is now a difference between the private and societal costs of irrigation.

In response to the STW industry's explosive growth, water markets have emerged. These networks offer the nation's main source of irrigation. Over 1.36 million privately owned STWs are currently dispersed throughout Bangladesh's vast agricultural landscape.

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