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spherical pressure tank

spherical pressure tank is a pressure-storage vessel. It has a wide range of applications, including butane and propane storage. These vessels can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Structures of a spherical pressure tank

There are several difficulties to consider while designing structures for a spherical ss pressure tank. Some of these include the need for a strong link between the support and the tank, as well as the effect of soil-structure interaction.

The structural properties of a spherical storage tank containing butane are provided in this invention. The goal of this research was to determine the structure's sensitivity in the event of unexpected behavior.

Three structural schemes were examined. The stress-strain study took two of them into account. The dynamic parameters of the tank were modeled during the stress-strain study. During the study, the stress-strain behavior was compared to that of model A.

The analysis was carried out under various boundary conditions for this aim. Model B, for example, has spherical hinges at the bottom. On the foundation of Model C are spherical hinges.

The spherical shell was supported by a concrete foundation in the study. The lowest half of the foundation was cast, and the upper part was built.

A thin ring zone connects the spherical tank to the lowest portion of the foundation. In this zone, there is a circular horizontal cut-off. This area is filled with sealing compound.

A small layer of material is also applied to the support's surface. This insulating layer is covered with graphite to protect the concrete from corrosion.

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