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spherical pressure vessels

If you are interested in the design and manufacture of spherical pressure vessels, you must consider a number of aspects. Initially, you must consider the material. Some substances can be quite dense, while others are extremely light and transparent. Additionally, you must consider the type of stress concentrations. Additionally, you can consider non-geodesic trajectories, thickness, and earthquake resistance.


The current research looks at the three-dimensional interaction effects of cracks in thick spherical pressure vessel. Ellipticity, depth, number of cracks, and arrays of cracks are all taken into account. SIFs are shown to diminish when crack densities increase.

The SIFs for a twenty-crack array are 44% lower than for a four-crack array. This effect is more pronounced in thicker vessels. Strain gauge measurements are required to calculate the maximum stresses in an atypical design. Other methods can also be used to determine the maximum stress.

Equations describe a thick cylinder with a radial crack (8-36). Equation describes an interior crescentic crack (1-31). The equations are used to calculate axial and radial stress in thick cylindrical vessels.

The temperature distribution in the cylinder is computed in the same way. Furthermore, the residual stress field in the spherical pressure vessel is discretely assessed. Following that, the comparable temperature field is determined using Perl's general approach.

This procedure is identical to the one described previously. However, it adds another dimension to radial displacements. These are calculated in relation to time.

As a result, the effect of ellipticity, depth, and fracture array on the SIFs becomes more apparent in thicker vessels. Furthermore, the distribution of Kia/K along the fracture front remains unaltered.

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