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technology and plants

The technology and plants may seem to be an odd couple, yet there are many interesting discoveries in the sector that offer promise for a better environment. Wearable sensors, for example, may be used to monitor water loss. Another example is the creation of 3D printed dirt structures.

Gene technology

Gene technology is an effective strategy for increasing agricultural yields while decreasing pesticide usage. However, it is not without danger. Some are concerned about concentrating the world's food supply in the hands of a few major businesses.

Genetic engineering has evolved throughout time. In 1973, for example, the first genetically modified bacteria was created. Because of the discovery of CRISPR, this technology is now more accessible. A CRISPR-assisted gene drive is a promising new technique that has the potential to significantly increase power.

It's easy to see how this technology plant may be used to promote health and wellbeing. Using a gene to lessen a plant's susceptibility to illness might aid in disease prevention in human populations. Similarly, a gene that increases antibiotic resistance might help plants combat disease-causing bacteria in the soil.

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Creating new pathways in plants

One of the most exciting areas in plant service research today is figuring out how to modify natural chemistry laws to produce new chemical compounds. Scientists have been able to change the genes that govern a number of metabolic processes to manufacture a plethora of chemical compounds using a mix of genetic engineering, molecular manipulation, and other approaches. Many of these are useful in biofuels, medicine, and other industries.

This goal is best accomplished by engineering novel metabolic pathways in plants. As a consequence, scientists may use the cellular machinery to create novel chemicals, many of which are unexpectedly efficient in protecting plants from diseases. Some of them are even worth investigating further as possible biopesticides.

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